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Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2


Angry Birds – everyone familiar with this name. This is the most demanding, attractive, addictive and challenging game in the world. Now a day’s everyone from Childhood to the old age likes this game. Today entertainment has become the backbone of our regular life and the game Angry Bird has fulfilled all the requirements of the modern age. Ravio Entertainment Corporation is the developer of Angry Bird and due to its awesome and wonderful gameplay. Rovio Entertainment Corporation has earned a lot of financial benefits.

Due to the fame and popularity of Angry Bird different versions of this game has published on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store as well. Every version of

Angry Bird has good graphics, a game story, and awesome features but Angry Bird 2 has become more popular among people due to its unique gameplay and challenging levels. In a game story of Angry Bird 2 birds have to save their precious eggs from enemies called piggies with the help of a slingshot. In Angry Bird 2 birds have no ability to fly but they have different powers whenever they use a slingshot. Angry Bird 2 has challenging levels best graphics and the best game story that make this more attractive game in the world.

Angry Bird 2 has 80 new levels. We can level up slingshots even higher. In Angry Bird 2, the main character named Red attack on piggies with his friends and destroy them completely. This is the best strategy game in which the player can beat piggies with his own strategy and planning. In every level of Angry Bird 2 user has to make different strategies to complete a level. Moreover, a player can find different challenges and tasks through which players are granted many achievements and gifts at the completion of every challenge. Not only this, players can play online

Angry Bird 2 and can invite friends to a competition which make it more attractive and famous. Moreover, the expressions of character in Angry Bird 2 are very funny that make this game more enjoyable than previous versions. If I talk about popularity then Angry Bird 2 got 4.6 rating, 100 million downloads and 3,605,187 users on Google Play Store.

Now players have the madness to play this Angry Bird 2 and they are waiting for next coming versions of this game impatiently. In short Angry Bird 2 has concurred the hearts of the people. Personally, I love this game so much that I use to play it for 08 to 10 hours a day. I am making sure that if you download Angry Bird 2 on your mobile or laptop, you will enjoy it in such way that you will make this game the main part of your regular life. 


  • Favorite heroes
  • Absorbing gameplay
  • High scores
  • Colorful graphics
  • Spells for maximum destruction
  • Simple and god controls
  • Download game
    Angry Birds 2 for free

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