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Clash of crime: Mad San Andreas Update

Clash of crime Mad San Andreas

GAME INFORMATION: Clash of crime: Mad San Andreas

Clash of crime: Mad San Andreas – help a young strong guy locate his place in a harsh new city. Do jobs for mafiosi bosses, steal brand new cars, and fight your genies competitors. The main superhero of this Android game, Nick, requires earning a lot of money. Working in fast food delivery, taxi or driver doesn’t get him a bundle of money, so genies Nick starts to work for danger mafia. So Nick Help him survive and do mysterious threatening tasks. Steal brand new cars and drive through city streets departing from the police. Take part in battles with dangerous gangs.

Double-game the mafia, have a lot of fun, go for a drive on new sports cars, earn a lot of money at different works, boost your power in the eyes of danger mafias so that all rely on you! A large number of latest weapons, beautiful new cars, shootings, girls, car pursuits, actions in the famous Android game Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas!

Reload your latest weapon, hit the gas and take on tight – it’s the various colorful action in your life.

Clash of Crime opens a beautiful world, making to life the dark and seedy gangland of San Andreas. With a huge and various open world, a hot cast of super characters from every walk of life and the freedom to examine at will, Clash of Crime Mad SA inserts the dark, attractive and brutal world of crime at your fingertips.


  • Beautiful updated latest graphics, character and new vehicle models
  • High-quality resolution
  • Gameplay speed for touchscreen devices
  • Further customization traffic frequency
  • Infinite hours of gameplay


  • Entrance INSANE WEAPONS, a mighty arsenal of weapons and other material
  • A large car park, where you will see the pick-ups, new cars, and also helicopters
  • Connecting open-world gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town with happiness and degradation and given the chance to take it over as you choose.

Game storyline:

A strong boy named Nick, he was living for 10 years in the Ghetto city, and he continually wanted money for his survival. He works in pizza club, as a clever taxi driver, changes jobs to another, although the money is increasing.

His old man pal Mad Joe proposes him to resolve problems by working for the strong mafia. Nick accepted with the desperation. Just it is not that easy, strong mafia refused him because of his shocking past and demands him to get out of our city, because unexpected Nick killed the half of this mafia, when they were competitors. Greet to the Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas.

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