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Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans update

GAME INFORMATION: Clash of Clans update verison Clash of Clans – this Android game already arranged to get a set of clones, yet at last users of Android have an occasion to play the real one. Establish your own kingdom, organize your clan, defend your beautiful regions or attack other strong clans. Grow and increase […]

Pokemon Go!

Pokemon go

GAME INFORMATION: Pokémon Go! UPDATED Pokémon GO – absolutely update Android game for mobile devices. You think that lets the Pokémon into the historical world! Your main important objective in this Android game (Pokemon go) is to observe for and dealing little monsters living in parks and on all streets of cities around the planet. Pokemon […]



GAME INFORMATION: Fortcraft  Fortcraft: In this Android game, take a look large map looking for latest weapon and object of the outfit. Fight with the latest weapon against numerous rivals. Land a very unmethodical point of the battle field in this Android game. Look around mysteries places and search a secret place with supplies. Challenge […]

Warriors of fate

Warriors of fate

GAME INFORMATION: Warriors of Fate: Warriors of Fate is an action plan mobile game with the card-collection element. It acts as the marvelous stories of the Three Kingdoms era with 99% original history events. Acquaintance with the awesomeness of ‘Directional Move Releasing System’ in an occupied sight, all 3D world of the Three Kingdoms. There […]

Battlefield combat: Black ops 2

GAME INFORMATION: Battlefield combat: Black ops 2 Battlefield combat: Black ops 2 – Use different powerful weapons to destroy powerful enemies. Try to alive in hard battles in futuristic locations. The battlefield game will take you into the distant future. You can participate in the war between the powerful Empire and the clever rebels. The war […]

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